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Northern Youth Leadership (NYL) brings together youth from across the Northwest Territories for remote land-based programming in our spectacular territory.

NYL programming facilitates the development of leadership skills, life skills, emotional resilience, and helps youth develop the inner and outer resources needed to overcome challenges, reach their full potential, and create positive change in their communities. Programming is FREE for all participants. NYL covers all camp-related costs including return airfare from their home community.

NYL was started by two Yellowknifers that experienced first-hand the sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone and realizing a goal. They wanted to share this transformational experience with youth from across the NWT and started Northern Youth Leadership (formerly Taiga Camp). NYL continues this legacy by offering a diverse range of unique and innovative programming for youth.

In 2019, NYL hosted the following camps:

Spring Leadership Camp: 20 youth participated in day programming where they learned traditional land-based skills, learned about traditional Indigenous lifestyles, and participated in Indigenous arts activities including beading and fish scale art.

Gana River Girls Leadership Camp: 11 youth spent a week at Gana River Lodge learning survival skills, connecting with Indigenous Knowledge Holders, and spent time outside hiking, swimming, canoeing and fishing.

North Arm Advanced Leadership Canoe Camp: 9 youth paddled 130km from Yellowknife to Behchokǫ along the North Arm of Great Slave Lake. When they weren’t paddling, youth enjoyed fishing, swimming, and practicing land skills.

Boys Leadership Canoe Trip: 10 youth spent a week paddling in the Ingraham Trail area outside Yellowknife, and and learning survival skills from an Indigenous Knowledge Holder.

NYL Youth Forum: 20 youth from Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Nunatsiavut and Nunavik spent a week camped along the Yellowknife River. They participated in a cultural exchange, discussed shared challenges across the North, and engaged in traditional cultural activities.

Science Expedition: 5 youth spent four days aboard a research vessel on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake. During the expedition, youth had an opportunity to participate hands-on in scientific research and job-shadow the Captain, Engineers, and Crew.

NYL Leadership Development Program (LDP): 8 youth participated in an employment program for youth aged 14 – 25 that builds capacity in the communities by developing a skilled workforce. The LDP includes employment skills training, work experience, individualized employment mentorship and assistance with applications for scholarships, post-secondary education and other opportunities. The LDP prepares youth for employment in high-demand careers including tourism, environmental stewardship, and youth programming.

Northern Youth Leadership is a project on MakeWay’s shared platform, which provides operational supports, governance, and charitable expertise for change-makers. The shared platform enables more time and money to go towards achieving greater impact. MakeWay is a national charity that builds partnerships and solutions to help nature and communities thrive together.

For further information on NYL, our programs, or to get involved as a participant, sponsor or team member – please contact us.

Vision, Mission & Values

  • Our Vision

    To empower and inspire a generation of courageous young northern leaders.
  • Our Mission

    To provide on the land personal growth, leadership opportunities, and connections that empower young people to create positive change.
  • Our Goals

    • Inspire confidence in youth by challenging self-imposed limitations
    • Cultivate independence
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Instill healthy relationships and lifestyles
    • Promote lifelong learning and the pursuit of interests
  • Our Values

    • Resilience • Respect • Inclusiveness • Accountability • Well being • Youth connection