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Update Friday May 15th from Ali

Northern Youth Leadership was excited to hear the announcement by the Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Kandola this week. Since this announcement, NYL has reached out to the WSCC and the CPHO to begin the risk assessment process and to ensure that we are operating our camp programming in a safe and healthy way this summer.

There is always risk associated with land-based programming and NYL takes risk-assessment and risk-management very seriously. Emily and I have been busy brainstorming this week! We have been looking at all aspects of our programming so that we can develop and implement improved processes to ensure the health of our campers and communities. As you can imagine, this is no small task as we analyze everything from transport to toileting practices while on the land. We ask for patience as we adapt our programming to these new circumstances. We promise to keep you updated as we make decisions, and we will do our best to be transparent about the steps we are taking in response to COVID-19 because we know youth, guardians and community members will have questions.

Emily and I are optimistic and excited to get out on the land this summer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Have a wonderful long weekend, stay safe and keep washing your hands :).



NYL and COVID-19

Northern Youth Leadership takes the health of our communities and risk management very seriously. We are closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and following all recommendations from the Chief Public Health Officer.

After much consideration, NYL has decided to go forward with camp applications for summer 2020. The NYL team is looking at different options for how we can run programming safely this year, and we have created a 10-week COVID-19 program plan to support youth, families and communities for the remainder of the school year. If necessary we may need to cancel our summer 2020 camps. However, if the situation with COVID-19 improves, we want to make sure that youth have access to quality programming this summer and we don’t want to be rushing to put camps together at the last minute.

Here are some of the things NYL took into consideration when making our decision to proceed with promotions:

    1. We have been able to have regular contact with the Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) to seek advice on running our programming during this challenging time. This advice has been invaluable in navigating the pandemic and we are grateful to live in the NWT where people are so willing to help each other.
    2. Our camps involve a small number of youth (maximum of 12) and the camps being advertised only include youth from the NWT.
    3. Our camps do not start until the end of June and the situation is constantly evolving so there is the possibility that some restrictions may be lifted by then within the territory.
    4. Our camps are land-based and activities are predominantly outdoors creating more opportunities for physical distancing.
    5. NYL is a small organization that can adapt our programming to meet recommendations by the CPHO including taking a smaller number of participants.
    6. NYL has three programs planned – end of June, middle of July and middle of August. We are able to cancel and adapt programming one at a time in response to the changing circumstances with COVID-19.
    7. NYL employs a number of youth staff. Youth have limited employment opportunities this summer given the pandemic and the cancellation of a number of programs and opportunities. By adapting our programming to meet the CPHO recommendations rather than cancelling it, we are hoping to keep offering youth employment opportunities this summer.
    8. Right now youth need programming more than ever. The pandemic has changed things and hope is essential to getting through this. If there is any chance that NYL can offer programming to youth this summer we plan to pursue it and will do everything possible to make sure we can offer it in a safe way that respects all recommendations and orders from the CPHO.


Currently all NYL staff are working from home and practicing physical distancing. We wish everyone the best and hope that you are all staying healthy and safe. If you have any questions about our programming please do not hesitate to reach out to Emily at [email protected] or Ali at [email protected]  Our fingers are crossed and we are hoping the situation with COVID-19 will improve so that we can see everyone out on the land this summer!

2020 COVID-19 Programming

  • Staff Check-Ins

    Every Monday NYL will post a check-in from our staff members. These check-ins will update youth on challenges staff are facing during this time, steps they are taking to cope, and messages of hope for youth across the territories and Inuit Nunangat.
  • Youth Taking the Lead

    Northern Youth Leadership wants to highlight youth who are showing leadership in their communities by finding creative ways to connect with the land and their culture. Each Wednesday, we will be posting a profile of a youth taking the lead in their community. Youth can be nominated in two ways:

    1. You can nominate yourself by emailing [email protected] with your name, age, community, a photo of yourself, and by answering the following questions:

    - How are you taking a leadership role in your community? What is one new thing that you've learned from taking a leadership role? Why do you like getting out on the land and/or connecting with your culture? What is one thing that you want to say to other northern youth?

    2. You can nominate a youth in your community by emailing [email protected] with their name, age, community, a short description of why you are nominating them, and contact information for the youth. If the youth is selected to be featured on NYL's social media, we will contact the youth directly for consent and additional information.

    Each submission will be entered to win a limited edition NYL t-shirt!
  • Weekly Challenges

    Starting April 17th, NYL will release a new land-based activity for youth to participate in every Friday!

    Activities coincide with the WLD 1130 Outdoor Survival Skills curriculum and will focus on preparing for land-based activities, safety, land-based skills, problem solving, and personal reflection.

    Each challenge will include a photo and short written submission. Youth that participate will be entered to win a limited edition NYL T-shirt!

    Connecting remotely with friends, family and our communities is very important right now. During these challenges we encourage youth to reach out to people by phone, email and other forms of remote communication to discuss the challenges, learn different ways of doing the skills, and gain new knowledge.

    NYL prioritizes safety in all of our activities and for certain activities we will be requiring the participation of a household member over the age of 18.